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The mission of GCGC is to integrate disruptive technology into finance, e-commerce and mining to make business more inclusive, seamless and accessible. The GCGC blockchain will drive the adoption of technology in international trade, commerce and financial services by making it better, faster and easier.

The GCGC Protocol is a flexible and efficient blockchain service designed for businesses, enterprises, and governments. It is supported by an open system architecture and a workflow engine that allow ease of integration and rapid development. …

GCGC’s initiative of disrupting the gold mining industry with blockchain and decentralized finance is right on track to success.

Gold Bonanza Found

The results of the drilling process in the A1, A2, A3 & B1 areas of the Keyla 2 property in Chile have shown great potential for high-grade gold.

Through January, GCGC’s mining partner Trident Minerals has explored the Keyla 2 property, with DDH13 (Diamond Drill Hole) intercepting block A1 with 1.7m true width at 45.47 Au gpt (grams of gold per tonne).

Another two very high-grade intersections around these blocks are: DDH14–0.58m width @ 46.03 Au gpt and DDH15 2.08m width…

The pursuit of gold in modern times can be traced back to the gold rush in California in the 1850s. Today, gold has become the most common symbol of wealth in the 19th century. In 1944, the establishment of the Bretton Woods System linked the U.S. dollar to gold. The price of Gold at that time was USD$35 an ounce. Due to the international status of the United States at that time, gold became a safe haven asset for people in turbulent countries.

In recent years, blockchain technology has developed rapidly, and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become the younger…

GCGC Investments Limited launched an innovative new project, the GCGC Initiative with the onboarding of a blockchain-based digital wallet which went live today, on 28th December 2020. It utilizes an ecosystem approach to build 3 business pillars, from modernizing gold mining, to bringing financial inclusion to the masses, to liberalizing trade and commerce for millions of small businesses. GCGC’s ambition is to create an entire trading and transactions ecosystem powered by assets from mining operations that are digitalized with the intrinsic commodity value of gold. …


A Global Initiative Connecting Mining, Financial Services and International Trading.

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